Friday, December 26, 2014

Brandon + Stephanie = HITCHED!! Part 1

Brandon and I have been great buds for over 10 years now. He and I have remained close over the years (he was Doug and I’s wedding) and I was PUMPED when he and Stephanie set a date.


I arrive extra early to get a seat. I sat on the bride’s side so I could see his face. 2014-09-20-16-50-58_IMG_5349

My fancy dates as seen above…

Then it was time for the wedding! Brandon’s mom, Ms. Lori, looked beautiful!


Then Brandon came out with this silly grin. It cracked me up!2014-09-20-17-03-32_IMG_5356

I mean, look at that face!


Then the bridal procession began and little Declan stole the show a bit later…

2014-09-20-17-05-28_IMG_5371 2014-09-20-17-05-29_IMG_53722014-09-20-17-05-56_IMG_5375

Just when I thought Brandon’s grin was too much, then Stephanie came around the bend and she was wearing an even bigger smile!2014-09-20-17-06-06_IMG_53762014-09-20-17-06-13_IMG_53802014-09-20-17-06-08_IMG_5378_12014-09-20-17-06-15_IMG_5381

So happy!2014-09-20-17-06-16_IMG_5382

Before the vows little Declan stole the show with what appeared to be a “potty dance”. I giggled and giggled.


Back to the serious part… The wedding ceremony was beautiful!2014-09-20-17-11-52_IMG_5407

Stephanie and Brandon looked amazing. 2014-09-20-17-12-08_IMG_5411

Then they were married and kissing!


Love Jonathan’s face in this one…


Don’t they just look so happy?2014-09-20-17-15-36_IMG_5435


This photo says to me, “We did it! You ready for this?!”2014-09-20-17-15-46_IMG_5441

Then they lead the way into the reception which you will read about in the next post!

Congrats Brandon and Stephanie! You guys rock.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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