Friday, December 12, 2014

[California Adventure] Disneyland 1

On our way to Anaheim, we stopped at a brewery-that-shall-not-be-named to eat lunch.

It was terrible. The spiced non-coke was bad…2014-09-04-05-00-32_069

Alex and Janice liked it, but the rest of us were ready to go to Wendy’s.2014-09-04-05-00-50_071

Doug just confirmed he did like it, but also had a few beers….maybe his opinion is skewed.2014-09-04-05-00-59_072


One minivan full of kids headed to Anaheim while the rest stayed for the brewery tour. Andrew, Mom, Ashley and I got to the hotel first to check in. 2014-09-03-17-45-00_Disneyland Carousel Pic

We had a bit of a room swap, but all ended well. We dropped off the rental cars and rested up for our big day in Disneyland.2014-09-04-10-33-48_IMG_4648

We got there nice and early for rope drop. If you know Disney, you know what I mean. 2014-09-04-10-34-19_IMG_46522014-09-04-10-34-41_IMG_46532014-09-04-10-34-48_IMG_4654

We arrived all wearing out matching shirts and headed straight for Indiana Jones!2014-09-04-10-36-43_IMG_4660


Dad was SHOCKED at how tiny the castle is. JUST SHOCKED.2014-09-04-10-40-10_IMG_46642014-09-04-10-40-27_IMG_4666

We had a blast! Have I mentioned that I have the best parents in the world?!?! Well, I do.


We got stopped at the entrance to Adventureland to wait for the rope to drop.2014-09-04-10-42-58_IMG_4672

After the park opened completely, we headed to Indiana Jones and then other exciting rides after that. Like the non-moving teacup near the ride…


We had dinner at the BBQ all you can eat place. It was pretty yummy!


and took this selfie with the famous castle!IMG_1789


It really is a tiny castle…I understand Dad’s plight.


Toon Town


The famous Minnie Mouse that spoke no English.2014-09-04-17-13-34_IMG_4730

Janice might have fallen asleep before the show started and missed about 85% of it. 2014-09-04-17-38-05_IMG_4732

Then there was the GOAT HERDING! We arrived at the goat petting zoo as the goats were about to be lead away. We got to pet them for a moment, but then we had to line up as they ran by us…


There they go!

Goat Herding!

I feel we really peaked at the goat herding so we went back to the HUGE castle to take night time photos.


We headed over California Adventure to see the light/water/disney show. 


It was really quite cool…2014-09-04-21-20-34_IMG_4773






We headed back to the hotel to rest up for the next big day. It was so fun. Thank you Mom and Dad!IMG_1793


Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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