Monday, December 22, 2014

Cookie Lessons 101

As per Doug and I’s marriage goals, we wanted to “take a class together”.  I decided I wanted it to be COOKIE BAKING AND DECORATING CLASSES! Yay!

We hired a famous cookie lady to come to our house and teach us the tricks of the trade. 2014-09-20-12-32-15_IMG_5324

She gave us her personal recipe and off we went…2014-09-20-12-32-19_IMG_5325

He looks so domestic, right?!


We learned how to make 3D cookies for our future Cinco de Mayo projects…2014-09-20-12-54-28_IMG_5330


Getting it!2014-09-20-12-58-43_IMG_5334

Then we made colored dough…2014-09-20-12-41-46_IMG_5328

Ohh fancy, right?!2014-09-20-13-21-34_IMG_5335


Baked cookies…check out the luchador mask!


Then we made royal icing and did some decorating2014-09-20-14-52-42_IMG_5343



Then we ate cookies for days. It was wonderful. I really enjoyed the lesson. I really need to go make more!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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