Thursday, December 11, 2014

[California Adventure] San Diego 2

Have I mentioned that this trip is Alex’s 18th Birthday trip? Is Alex 18? Nope.  He just finally decided on where he wanted to go. Smile

The next day we woke up and grabbed breakfast.


and headed out to La Jolla! We wanted to see some Sea Lions.


It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the Pacific Ocean.

We found a TINY beach where hundereds of people were swimming and enjoying the ocean. There was a Sea Lion swimming among the people and being a general ham. He was super friendly.

A few minutes later we notice another Sea Lion on some rocks hidden in some shadows. We all got as close as we dared to take a photo with him. Maybe he would be as friendly as the other Sea Lion?IMG_1236

Then Ashley got a little too close and just as Andrew was snapping the photo the Sea Lion growled/ROARED and this terrified face was captured of Ashley. IMG_1779

We laughed so hard. I LOVE this photo. It is now the photo that comes up with Ashley calls me. Let’s check it out up close…

Here is the Sea Lion….


Here is terrified Ashley…IMG_1779


Then we headed to lunch at a local Brewery – Alex’s choice.


We Ubered back to San Diego and rested. Quality day!

The next day we grabbed breakfast again…


and headed to Balboa Park. We went to the Natural History Museum, watched some movies and headed to lunch at a crappy café nearby…2014-09-03-04-38-00_0492014-09-03-04-38-14_0512014-09-03-04-38-34_054

We caught the bus back to the parking lot and Ubered back to the hotel.2014-09-03-05-18-53_057

That was out last night in town. We hung out with Janessa and Matthew one more time! We went out for sushi dinner while my family stayed in and played cards. IMG_1780

The next morning we all went to eat at Richard Walker’s pancake house – IT WAS DELICIOUS!2014-09-03-23-43-43_066

Then we packed up, grabbed rental cars and headed out to Loma Point/ Point Loma..whatever.2014-09-03-13-16-37_IMG_4601

We had 2 mini vans and we were rockin out!



We got there and enjoyed the view. That is San Diego behind my left shoulder. 2014-09-03-13-33-38_IMG_4625

Not sure what was happening here, but I like it…2014-09-03-13-49-54_IMG_4630

Evidently the outsiders were having a meeting…2014-09-03-13-58-11_IMG_4632

You probably did not notice, but Andrew was wearing a snap down shirt. Ashley happens to like this shirt because she walks up to him, rips his shirt apart and runs away. Evidently, Ashley decided this was the spot to show off her husband…2014-09-03-13-59-58_IMG_4636

Then we got a show…2014-09-03-13-59-56_IMG_4635

as did the rest of the world…2014-09-03-13-59-55_IMG_4633


(dramatic exit) we laughed and laughed.

It really was a beautiful day!




We left San Diego in our mini vans and headed North towards Anaheim with a stop for lunch along the way.


Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Your family is so much freaking fun. I was actually wondering what was happening in that picture of Ashley in your teaser post a few days ago, and now I know. And it is amazing.