Monday, March 28, 2016

Mardi Gras Parades via Parade Cam 2016

Mardi Gras continued with me watching all the parades on the surface. The connection was an issue sometimes and I missed the Sirens one time because of my wifi. Most of the time it was issues on their side. Frustrating, but at least I had this connection to the outside.

As people found out I was watching all the parades, I would get shout outs on the route. It was FREAKING AWESOME. One night Doug walked up to the camera and wished me a happy Mardi Gras and I heard it. I freaked out. Thank you DB for the shoutout! I loved it.

On Friday, Feb 5 I watched d’Etat and got to see the sirens dance for no longer than 7 minutes! It was awesome! Danielle was evidently dancing for me as she knew where the camera was.


Lots of Erin T and Erin H:2016-02-05-20-44_IMG_03692016-02-05-20-44_IMG_03702016-02-05-20-44_IMG_03712016-02-05-20-46_IMG_0375

Me watching the parades! Check out my Nyx and Muses loot in the background.2016-02-05-20-48_IMG_0378

Then I was looking for Sarah (a pirate)! She saw the camera and was waving at me!2016-02-05-20-56_IMG_03872016-02-05-20-56_IMG_0390

On Saturday, Feb 6, I had some special visitors (Scott and Jacque) deliver a special gift for doug:


and a special gift for me! (photo credit – Angelle Missios of Nola Birth Photographer)

The pig was passed even in a year when I could not get to the parades. This is super special to me. The pig has a short, but rich history. It just make me happy and is a special shared item between Scott and I. Much love to you both!

On Sunday, Thoth rode:


I got a photo of John riding!


I hate that it sucks, but here is a better photo taken by Eddie Guterrez:12694787_10207446771142746_6723637433562545584_o

Next was Scott’s float… they come around the bend I see a white sign hanging of the float where Scott should be….


it got closer…2016-02-07-15-46_IMG_0416

and then I could finally read it!


You can’t read it here, but it said, “Hey Lizzie!”2016-02-07-15-46_IMG_0420

I freaked out and took a video of my reaction after…2016-02-07-15-46_IMG_0421

I would post it, but it just me squealing and thanking Scott for the love. 2016-02-07-15-46_IMG_0422

Love you buddy! Thank you for the shout out! The announcer even said…
”Oh a sign….Hi Lizzie!” Double shout out!

I continued to watch the parades all weekend and through Mardi Gras day. I had lots of visitors with loot, stories and the FB was full of data. I did Mardi Gras the best way I could.

I did send Doug out many nights and days (like it was a terrible mission for him or something) to have some fun. He did a great job coming to see me each day and telling me all about Mardi Gras. It was beautiful weather this season. I am glad he got out for us.

There was a drinking incident involving margaritas, a bike ride and a bike fall, but we will just mention it in passing here. For the full story, see Doug.

I did have one surprise visitor come to see me on Mardi Gras day to document the process. That will be the next blog.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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