Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Officially Homeowners! My first visit outside in 2016 and surprise visitors! Jan 12

January 12 was a HUGE day for Doug and I! We had placed on offer on a house in River Ridge back in November and the things were moving along for us to close on January 12.

Once I was hospitalized, I knew it was hopeless for me to attend the actual closing. I was pretty sad. I know it just signing papers and not a sexy process, but it is/was my FIRST HOUSE. It was a big deal. I was pretty bummed overall. It was the first big thing I was bummed to miss.

So that morning as I sat in my pity party there was a knock on the door. (There are about 20 knocks every day so it was not a big shocker.) I invited the knocker in the room and the face that peered at me from around the door was a complete shock! It was Amanda! and then it was Ms. Liz (her mom)! I was completely shocked. See, Amanda lives in Houston and her parents live outside of Lafayette. Talk about brighten my day!

I am so pumped and excited to see them. They showed up on the best day possible. I was so bummed about missing the closing and then they showed up and made it an awesome day. We visited and hung out for a while. Then I got a video call from Doug at the house closing. Here is our official “house closing” photo!


Here is Doug signing all the papers x2+so much extra. Open-mouthed smile2016-01-12-00-00-00_12565533_10153305561787727_1718494839619813103_n

After the signing, Doug came to the hospital to be present for my first visit to the outdoors in 2016. I had finally been cleared to go outside in a wheelchair. Doug came to the room and we got my chariot ready. It was a chilly day.


Outside we went! It was a beautiful day! They let me sit in the sun and soak up the lovely weather. What a big day!! I had not been outside in 13 days. That does not seem bad, but it really was not great either. Fresh air! It was so amazing. 2016-01-12-12-42_IMG_3410


Sadly, when you are on bedrest you lost all your core muscles and after 15 minutes we had to go back inside as I could no longer hold myself up. SO sad, but its the truth. 2016-01-12-12-42-34_IMG_3413

Before we went inside, I wanted a photo with my surprise guests!


Thank you so much for surprising me! It really meant the world to me.

I also wanted a photo with our new keys! We officially owned a house together! Here we are as homeowners!2016-01-12-12-57_IMG_3408

What a huge day! I still wish I could have been at the signing, but oh well. At least I had amazing surprise guests, got to go outside AND became a homeowner. Lots of great things happened. We are super lucky, blessed and honored!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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