Thursday, March 17, 2016

Moving in to Browntown and Hog Wild!

The night we closed on the house, Doug, Ashley and Andrew headed to the house with the first load of our stuff.

Sidenote – Ashley and Andrew have been more than amazing. Ashley had packed our kitchen, they had helped Doug empty the attic, and pack the whole house. They really went above and beyond. I am more than grateful for them both. Thank you Ashley and Andrew!

They got there and started to unload the cars…


We had some notes from the previous owners and they left us flowers. Very sweet of them. 2016-01-12-18-49_IMG_3387

Doug was checking out a shower for some reason? Crazy guy. 2016-01-12-18-54_IMG_3388

While they were there, the doorbell rang. Ashley got all excited and decided to video “our first visitor at the new house“. Doug answered the door to a police officer. Ashley immediately stopped videoing. hah! Ashley and Andrew listened as the officer informed Doug that the night before (when we did not own the house) there had been an incident. Evidently, around 3 am the levee police were trying to catch at 200 lb wild boar behind the house. The officer lost control of the car and hit our fence.

Here is the damage in the daylight:


The damage was really not that bad. It was just funny. As soon as we get the house, our first visitor was the police and a hog was running wild behind our house. Never a dull moment!

We had to call our real estate agent, Jeri, and tell her as we giggled and giggled. Seriously? A wild hog! (This was when the Mississippi River was so high they had to open the spillway so there was lots of wildlife coming into back yards.)

All is well. The fence has been long fixed and they did a great job. They even painted the outside of the fence to match.

Beware of the hogs when you visit.

Love and hugs, Lizzie

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