Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mardi Gras Day 2016–Hospital Style


On Mardi Gras day, I had big plans. I got all dressed up in my new hospital gown (thank you Cynthia!), put on my makeup and went out to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year.

I also had an amazing visitor come document the day. Angelle Missios of NOLA Birth Photographer came to document this part of my pregnancy! It was so great to see her. She had been documenting my whole IVF road. Check out her site for more details. She will also be there for the birth of the brownies to document that big day!

All the photos from this blog are from her!


See the parades on the TV above…

Here is my bedrest countdown. December was spent at home. Then I was hospitalized on NYE…www.nolabirthphotographer.com

We celebrated each week with a new sign….www.nolabirthphotographer.comwww.nolabirthphotographer.comwww.nolabirthphotographer.com

This was my monitor strip from that morning…www.nolabirthphotographer.com

See my Muses shoe from my Aunt Donna!www.nolabirthphotographer.com

My wonderful DB. Love you babe!www.nolabirthphotographer.com

Mardi Gras loot and my monitor. Smile Just normal stuff, you know?www.nolabirthphotographer.comwww.nolabirthphotographer.comwww.nolabirthphotographer.com

This is where our lived revolved for 3 months.


Then it was time for my morning walk! www.nolabirthphotographer.comwww.nolabirthphotographer.comwww.nolabirthphotographer.comwww.nolabirthphotographer.com

Off we went! I was still getting 1000 steps a day. www.nolabirthphotographer.com

The nurses were entertained by my outfit and that we had a photographer with us. Smilewww.nolabirthphotographer.comwww.nolabirthphotographer.com

Lots of love….www.nolabirthphotographer.com

Here is Angelle and I! Thank you Angelle for these photos! I love them Open-mouthed smile You rock so hard! See you soon for the birth!www.nolabirthphotographer.com

I just love this one last photo. My wonderful hubby. I am so blessed.


Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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