Sunday, March 20, 2016

15 Hospital Things :D

Here are a few things of note from my hospital stay in January and February.

1. I had some amazing visitors! Thank you Julie for always visiting, bringing snacks and spending the night with me. You rock!


2. Doug sent me this! Produce from our new back yard!


3. There was a “Lizzie Sitting Schedule” that I lived by. At first I had to have round the clock coverage. Then as things became more steady, I only had to have coverage during my shots. It was a gradual process for sure.


4. I got to go outside every 2ish days. It was lovely!


5. Doug had visitors at the house. I am sad I missed this! They picked satsumas and colored.


6. I was constantly asking for cat pics. Here are some of the first cat photos in the new house.


They seemed to be adjusting fine. Thank goodness!

7. We were welcomed by our neighbors! They brought us sweets, welcome cards and so flowers. I wish I could have been there to accept them, but doug did a great job representing us. These were so, so good.


8. Doug’s mom came to visit and helped Doug sort out the kitchen by night and be with me during the day. It was so sweet of her to come to town. She was a huge help and our kitchen is all unpacked thanks to her and Doug!


9. Cynthia made me some adorable hospital gowns! I wore them every night to sleep in. They are so freaking cute. Then other friends got in on it with her. I had so much hospital swag!


10. More visitors! Charlie and Cindy came to see me and it was so great seeing them. Charlie was my manager for 8 years and he is an incredible leader. It was so wonderful to see them both. Thanks for coming to visit me!


11. A puppy came to visit me! Moss is a therapy dog that stopped by my room one day and it was wonderful. I loved it!


12. A famous chicken sandwich was delivered by QP!


13. A care package arrived from Zandy! So awesome!


14. Here I am at 29 weeks! What a belly!2016-01-29-00-00_IMG_3421

15. Deer droppings? by our pool? I think we officially moved to the country!


I think that covers most of January 2016. Mardi Gras is coming up next!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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