Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Poppi visits and a trip outside!

Mom came to visit me so many times! I am so blessed to have an amazing, supportive family.

On this particular day, we decided to venture outside. It was my first trip where I planned to be out for a while – brought blankets, pillows, etc. 


She wheeled me out and we sat/laid in the sun. It was a beautiful day!2016-02-11-16-01_IMG_3613

Here I am laying like a goddess outside the ER. ha!2016-02-11-16-01_IMG_3615

The funny part about this day is what happened after this photo was taken. A few minutes later two security guards walk out towards us. I see them and make a joke about making a “run for it”. They laughed and walked right up to us.

They said they had gotten a call from inside the hospital that a lady was laying outside the ER indecently exposed! Me? Exposed? I mean, I guess that is a lot of leg there, but I surely showed no belly unless my shirt crept up. We all laughed and they apologized for disturbing my rest. They said they had to follow up on the call. We laughed and laughed for hours.

Me? Exposed with this belly? I don’t think so!

From then on I was known as the “ER sunbather”. Security all knew me by name and knew who I was anytime I went out to the sun.

I am so famous.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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