Thursday, March 20, 2014

10 Things– Fun, short updates.

1. Did you see that cake on the cover of Southern Living in December? If you did not, here it is

…and now you should be jealous because here it is in real life…
Mom made it and it was HUGE and delicious. It was so big we shared it with Doug’s family and other lucky neighbors.
2. Chris’ Birthday Cube – As Stacey was out of town for Chris’ birthday, I snuck into work and left my mark. Happy (very late) Birthday Chris!IMG_3818IMG_3819
3. Doug made homemade rolls for Thanksgiving dinner in Hammond. It took forever, but they were delicious…
4. Norm in a Bag – this is a somewhat normal event…
5. I am a cat lady…and the underside of norm on a glass table…IMG_1193
6. Ashley and I tailgating in Kim’s truck…
7. Sarah teaching Spin class and Ashley taking the class….IMG_1077  IMG_1155
8. Ashley, Andrew and I love finding cars with the most family stickers on them….I might be in the lead…
9. My phone backdrop given to me by Scott H.
10. Cookies delivered to our new neighbor, Terron!IMG_1312
Have a great day!
Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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