Sunday, March 30, 2014

A+A’s wedding centerpieces/Decor

As you saw, Ashley and Andrew worked on their centerpieces on December 1 while Doug and I were doing our 40k step day, but since then not much had been finished. We had to get on it! February was quickly approaching. I had taken the last two weeks of December off of work (had to use my Vacation days) and decided to finish the centerpieces come hell or high water.


I started with the Spray Glitter (WHICH IS AWESOME!) and hit up the bottles outside. IMG_1293

Then I started on the smaller bottles inside with my Martha Stewart Glitter.IMG_1294IMG_1295IMG_1296

Then I paired them up based on color (3 per table) and packed them up:IMG_1301IMG_1302

Then I worked on the coffee filter balls – picked the good ones and worked on the glassware.


Here are the final mock ups:


Finally, I packed them all up and labeled all the boxes.


A few days later we put Janice to work. She is an amazing artist free handed Ashley’s lace on a large wooden sign.

This is what we gave her printed out:

lace-program (2)

She got right to work:

Notice this is all FREE HANDED!IMG_4033

She is still going…

Almost done…

The Finished Product:

a a sign

It looked absolutely amazing. Thank you so much Janice!

The wedding was getting closer and closer. Honestly, for me January is intensely busy and I was trying to get everything done as early as possible.

After that week, we checked two BIG items off the to-do list. We still had plenty to do, but checking things off was awesome.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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