Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy Birthday to Kenny (and me!)

Today is my birthday, but we are actually going to celebrate Kenny’s birthday as it happened in November! ha.

We received word of a surprise birthday party for one of our volleyball teammates, Kenny, and knew we had to be there. It was at Rock n Bowl and it was especially special because Kenny was turning the big 6-0! First of all, you would never think he was turning 60. Overall, we were so pumped to be invited. Rockin Doopsie was playing that night and he had no idea there would be 150 people there to yell “surprise” when he arrived!

There were two cakes present…a jello shot cake and a cookie cake. Both awesome.

There were so many people there for Kenny…it was really amazing.


When he walked in and we all yelled surprise, he was so incredibly shocked. This picture shows him before he realized what was going on.

And then the party started. He said hello to most everyone and then got pulled up on stage with Rockin Doopsie!

And he sang him happy birthday…

Happy Birthday Kenny!

and then they _made_ Kenny dance…

Kenny gets down…

IMG_3690 IMG_3691

We did manage to steal Kenny for a team picture (sans Shawn P because he is lame)…  

A little later Kenny cut his cakes…

IMG_3701 IMG_3703 

Seriously….look at all the people and I was near the front…


We had a great time. I hope Kenny knows how loved he clearly is. My only hope is that I am fun enough to celebrate my 60th birthday out at a bar with a few hundred people and I can shake it like Kenny. Love you Ken!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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