Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Courtney’s Birthday–fun for all

I decided to crash Courtney’s birthday party in November. She was going to have a quite night with her boys and get some rest. As I feel like I never get to see her enough, I cleared the schedule and made it a “Courtney Day”. It was so much fun. Here is her blog about the day.

I met her at Whole Foods after she picked up Riley from School. We did a little shopping and picked out a special birthday dessert for all of us.


Then we went back to their house and I got to play with the boys. Then we bathed the boys and that was an experience. Everyone ended up a bit wet, the boys were squeaky clean and I left wondering how parents handle all that! Smile I mean, as you wash on of the boys, the other is sliding around and soap is flying. They loved it.

Then I hung out with Bean as Courts put Rory to bed. We watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the new one) and it was pretty good. He was totally absorbed in it.


Then it was time to put Riley to bed. We went upstairs and Courts read him a book – Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. It was adorable and I strongly recommend it if you have a little boy that loves dump trucks/tractors. Then we told Bean goodnight and headed downstairs to eat dinner and dessert.

I had a great time celebrating Courtney’s birthday with her, Bean and Sprout. Smile Thank you for having me. Love you girl!

(All photos stolen from Courtney’s blog – clearly!)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Love you, LPb! Thanks again for hanging with me that night :)