Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Diamond Shopping…

One of the greatest, most thoughtful, and amazing gifts I was given was the gift of single diamonds each year for my birthday by my Aunt Sue.

Aunt Sue is not technically blood related, but she is an Aunt in real life. She and Uncle Billy followed my parents to the hospital as my mom was in labor. Technically, she has known me well before I was born and was there when I entered this world. (I wrote another blog about Aunt Sue here if you want more backstory.)

Back to the story… the diamonds she gave me were stored for years and when Doug proposed to me he was informed of said diamonds. He snuck them from my parents and had them put into my wedding band without me knowing. I had picked out a simple band without any stones, but when he showed me what he purchased I was shocked! It was covered in diamonds! I see Aunt Sue’s diamonds everyday on my hand. Knowing how special my wedding band is to me, I wanted use her idea on some special little girls.

Doug and I decided to purchase diamonds for Sam and Bailey Grace for their 1st birthdays to start the same tradition I was graced with. Off to the store we went…

They trained Ashley and I on how to look at diamonds with a Loupe.


While we were there Ashley wedding band shopped and we checked out our own rings…


We ended up buying loose diamonds for Sam and Bailey Grace. Ashley picked out a wedding band. Overall a successful day!

Sam and Bailey Grace- I hope you enjoy this amazing gift one day. I hope it can become part of your daily lives like mine has. We love you girls!

Aunt Sue – Thank you for an amazing gift and an amazing gift idea. You are an amazing Aunt. I love you!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. I love this. What a wonderful and unique tradition for those two lucky girls.