Thursday, March 13, 2014

Alex Gets a PUPPY! (Nov 2013)

Alex has been thinking about getting a puppy for a long time and he finally made the leap in November. We got a call and some great news…Alex was bringing the new puppy over to meet us. We were pumped. IMG_1198

He arrived with this little black lab that was so freaking adorable. We all fell in love. Then he got even cuter when he tried to check out the camera…


Caronna was intrigued, but not too concerned…


A few minutes later we introduced him to a tennis ball. He chased it all over. It was the most active we had seen him for over an hour. IMG_1203

He is/was a pretty chill puppy…


We tried to help him come up with names, but he did not like our suggestions. A week or two later he was officially named RIGGS! He really is a sweet puppy. Congrats Alex! You picked a great puppy.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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