Saturday, March 22, 2014

40k step day…Lizzie’s side.

(Beware: fitbit banner commercial ahead.)

On December 1, Doug and I walked 40k steps together! Doug has already written about his said here if you want look it up. This is my version of the story...

We decided just that day when we woke up that we should take advantage of the beautiful day and hit our goal together. As Doug mentioned, a 40k step day was one of our 2nd Year of Marriage Goals. It was the perfect day/time to hit our goal together for a few reasons.

  1. Doug was training for the Dopey Marathon race and was going to hit 40k BY HIMSELF (the nerve!) pretty soon on his training runs.
  2. The weather was beautiful and…
  3. we (shockingly) had no plans for the day. – That RARELY happens.

Once the decision was made, we took this photo of us making the official decision and of our fitbits at that moment…

Then we discussed our plan. Doug would run 17 miles as his “long run” for the training while I walked. 

Since I knew I would be by myself for a few hours I told the Facebook world my plans and invited people to join/help me along on my journey. 40k comments fb 1

Then I got all my supplies ready: my fitbit, a poster board to count my laps, markers, my workout clothes, camera, phones, water and texted a few people to come help me.

At around 11 am we finally made it outside to begin.

We started our walk. Ashley and I walked Doug to the outside gate where he was going to head to the Levee to run. His plan was to run all over Nola.

Once we got to the back gate, Doug left as Ashley and I walked around to complete our first lap. I marked the first tick mark and kept going.

Andrew and Ashley joined me on my second lap.

A lap or two later, I picked up Harry and Pete to keep me company…

They did three laps with me. Then Ashley was back for some laps.

Then Sarah arrived for lap 6! I was not alone all day!


As it was such a pretty day, Ashley and Andrew worked on the wedding centerpieces so I got to see them every lap.

Sarah and I kept walking laps. Here is lap 11:

I am pretty sure Sarah walked the most laps with me. She had plans that evening and headed out.

Then Ms. Norma joined me for 3 or 4 laps!


Here we are at lap 16:

My next guest walker was Chelsea with Ms. Norma! Chelsea walked two laps with us.

Then Mr. Dick joined in the fun for lap 20. I think we walked 2 laps with me.

The whole neighborhood came out to support me! By this time, Doug had finished his run. He was WAY ahead of me in steps so he showered and watched some football while I caught up. Running gets steps much faster as you step faster (clearlySmile).

Doug and I finished the last 7 to 10 laps together. Here is us finishing lap 23.

I kept posting on Facebook…40k comments fb 3

A bit later in our journey…


Then we completed lap 23 ….only 2 more to go!

Finishing lap 24 – One more to go!

40k comments fb 4

Finally, after 7 hours, we were walking our last lap. My legs were aching, but we were almost done!

Finally, we arrived!

And I marked the last tick mark!

FINSISHED! But…wait. We still needed 150 steps! Typical! So we walked around our driveway for a few minutes and tried to hit 40k together.

Finally, really, truly finished!.

Taking our last few steps to hit 40k.


We got inside and sat for a long, long time. I was in a serious amount of pain. 40k steps is pretty tiring, but we did it!

The final count for the day (I think we ended up going to the grocery after all that. ha!)


Doug and I were also emailed our 40k step badge!

IMG_1268If you look at the bottom of this message, it says, “Can you hit 5,000 more steps?” To that I say – NO! No, Fitbit. You are insane.

I also grabbed my step chart from Fitbit for the entire day. Pretty impressive.

Dec 1 fitbit - lizzie

I am very proud of Doug and I. It was aggressive and tough, but we finished it. I am really glad we did not set a time limit besides the 24 hours goal.

I also want to thank Doug for not hitting 40k without me. He had a few chances to do it, but stopped at my request so we could do it together. Since then, he has shattered this goal, but I will let him tell you about it on his own.

I also want to thank everyone who came out to support Doug and I. It really helped to have you there in person or on the phone (Scott H.). You guys made it fun and exciting for me. I am glad friends and family were close by.

Finally, thank you to everyone who supported us on Facebook. When I was bored or alone on my laps (which was rare), I got on the FB and was motivated by all of your support and words of encouragement. Thank you so much!

My two highest step days have such amazing memories attached. 38k in Paris and 40k with Doug as a marriage goal. I am one lucky lady.

Thanks for reading!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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