Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ashley and Andrew’s Couple Shower (November)

Aunt Donna, Aunt Gina, Uncle Neil and Aunt Carolyn (and their spouses) threw Ashley and Andrew a fabulous couples shower a few months ago. It was held at Uncle Neil’s house (which is famous and fabulous) and we had a blast.

Sadly, I only took a few pictures during the night.


The “cake” was a traditional French wedding cake called Croquembouche. So appropriate as we are French. :)

Then we had to remake a photo taken at Doug and I’s couples shower…

Note the background of the photo with Doug and I….and then compare to the one with Ashley and Andrew.


Congrats Ashley and Andrew….we are ready to welcome you into the family (good thing since it technically already happened.:) )

Not sure why I was anti spirit fingers in this photo…


The family is growing!

Thank you all Aunt’s and Uncles! The party was awesome and you guys rock. Love you all.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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