Tuesday, November 3, 2015

3rd Anniversary–May 2015

Our wedding anniversary had arrived and we were excited to give each other gifts! So on May 2 we exchanged gifts!

The third year of marriage is “leather” so a lot of the gifts followed that theme.

First doug opened his leather coozies, which he loved! Pretty sure this was his favorite gift!


Then I opened the Christmas Ornament replica of our wedding cake. Not leather, but AWESOME!



Doug actually sent them a photo and we ended up on their Facebook:


Then Doug opened his leather tie. LOL.2015-05-02-13-35-09_IMG_20150502_1334502015-05-02-13-35-30_IMG_20150502_133525

He did not love it, but it was worth the reaction. He was like….uhh..what..?? what is this?? hahaha.

Then I opened my BIG gift!2015-05-02-13-36-13_IMG_20150502_133607

It’s a one of a kind…2015-05-02-13-38-00_IMG_20150502_133750


leather camera bag/purse!2015-05-02-13-41-47_IMG_20150502_134134

He had it made for me and it is the only one on earth like it! It holds our big camera in it and operates as a regular purse! I have been drooling over them for years! Well done doug!

Then he opened his big gift:



Some sweet leather shoes and matching belt! It look so good with his seersucker suit! I liked the shoes the best, he liked the coozies the best. Figures!

The next day we headed downtown to go to church at Immaculate Conception, get drinks at the Roosevelt Pool bar and have dinner at Domenica. 2015-05-03-16-11-22_IMG_20150503_161115




We said special prayers for our IVF journey and asked for God’s blessing.


We made our goals for our 4th year! We succeeded in our previous year goals and knew we had a big year possibly coming up.


It was a great weekend celebration and we still had the Cinco party coming up that Tuesday night!

Happy 3rd Anniversary Baby! I love you!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. I love that you guys do the traditional theme gifts! We do it too & it is so much fun trying to surprise eachother with the creativity <3 ~Jackie