Monday, November 30, 2015

Red Dress Run and The Roosevelt!

Doug and I decided to get a room at the Roosevelt for the weekend of the Red Dress Run. The idea was we did not have to drive after Frozavelts, but since was preggers I was not drinking anyway. Oh well! It still was awesome!

Our room was awesome! We had a King Suite.

Above was the “living room” and below was the bedroom. Smile IMG_2721

Saturday morning we walked down to the start line…


I was in my bathing suit and ready for the pool!IMG_2724

While Doug ran around, I did this…IMG_2726

Eventually doug came back. Here is is ordering a drink….check out the panties! (A Christmas present from DJ and Steve!)IMG_2728

We ended up in a cabana (thank you Cynthia!) with a fun group of friends!IMG_2743

Pretty sure I won this game…IMG_2744

The next morning we went to church at Immaculate Conception and asked for a blessing from the priest as we had just found out we were preggers.

He gave us a great blessing and as we walked outside, Doug found a penny. I looked down and found a second one.


I was sure it was twins when we found two pennies! Too strange!

Then we headed to Croissant D’or for brunch. It was delicious. I would eat there all the time if I lived in the Quarter. IMG_2736

I was still doing test everyday and things were still looking good…


I went in on Monday and found out my HCG was 1750 – it was very heavily leaning towards twins! Eek!

We had a great weekend. I just love the Roosevelt. We had a great stay.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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