Saturday, November 14, 2015

IVF Egg Retrieval–June 1, 2015

It was finally time for the big surgery. This would help us plan the rest of our lives. It was a huge deal. I was larger in my abdomen ad my ovaries were each the size of oranges. It was not completely painful, but I was not comfortable either.

055_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

Angelle came with us to photograph the journey.056_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

063_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

064_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

065_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

068_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

070_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

It was finally time to go back. 074_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

From the ultrasounds we knew there were going to be a lot of eggs. Before the surgery I said we would have more than 25. It was time to find out!075_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

076_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

The egg retrieval requires full anesthesia. They insert a needle through your vaginal wall and extract each follicle hoping there is an egg inside each. 079_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

The whole procedure is guided by ultrasound.

082_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

Once I was done (about 35 minutes or so), they rolled me out and I was informed they got 36 (36!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) eggs from me. 083_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

I do not remember any of this:

086_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

087_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

088_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

089_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

090_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

092_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

I started remembering things around here….093_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

Doug helped me get dressed and we headed out to the car. 094_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

096_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

097_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15


099_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

101_Lizzie Doug_06-01-15

He drove me home. I was prety loopy. I then slept for hours. When I woke up I was starving and this is what I asked for:


Happy Lizzie!


My boys hung out with me all day. They are so sweet!IMG_2433

We had our plan in place. That afternoon they called and told us of the 36 eggs, 26 were mature. That is a HUGE quantity. Most girls get between 10 to 15. I am quite an overachiever.

Because I had so many I was at risk for a mild to sever overstimulation. Due to the hyperstimulation we were told we could not do a fresh cycle. I was bummed at first, but I am happy in the end. So much drugs. I was glad for the break.

That day they fertilized two of my eggs. We were officially parents in my mind.

Over the next week my ovaries filled with blood – a somewhat normal reaction. Luckily the reaction was not terrible and I was ok 2 weeks post surgery.

Until the next update. It was quite the saga.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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