Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cinco–the official Anniversary Party! May 5, 2015


On our anniversary, I picked up Doug for lunch. He requested Felipe’s! Of course!2015-05-05-11-21-58_IMG_20150505_112158

We had a lovely lunch eating his favorite meal ever!

After work we packed up the car and headed to White Sands for our little Cinco party.

Sam came early to play in the sand. 2015-05-05-17-43-48_IMG_8197

She covered Rocky II in sand. I think he loved it.


I had purchased cup cakes and placed them in a “3” shape for our 3rd anniversary, but then I held the plate at too hard of an angle….


and they started slipping!!2015-05-05-17-49-22_IMG_8206

Oops! We lost two! haha2015-05-05-17-49-49_IMG_8214


OH well. Open-mouthed smile2015-05-05-17-49-36_IMG_8213

Cupcakes were enjoyed by all Open-mouthed smile




Ashley and I decorated a bit. 2015-05-05-18-25-13_IMG_8231


Doug and I had a game that night. It was great for people to come out and celebrate with us! And then they were stuck watching a volleyball game. ha. 2015-05-05-20-21-01_IMG_8238


We had a blast and love everyone who came to celebrate! We are so very loved and blessed!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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