Thursday, November 12, 2015

IVF Update–May 2015

On May 28 we went in for another ultrasound but this time we brought a photographer along with us. Nola Birth Photographer’s Angelle knew all about our plan, our goals and she agreed to help us tell our story…

002_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

003_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

005_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

008_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

010_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

011_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

014_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

016_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

020_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

021_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15  027_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15024_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15028_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

029_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

Angelle came over later that day to see how the injections were going…033_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

034_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

035_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15


037_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

038_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

039_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15  040_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15041_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

They were going much better and I was getting used to the shots.

043_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

045_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

Some of them burn pretty bad…046_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

047_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

051_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

053_Lizzie Doug_05-28-15

See, I figured this whole process is part of our journey. It may not be the “normal” journey, but it is ours and I wanted to document it. Thank you Angelle for working with us during this crazy time.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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