Friday, November 20, 2015

Doug turns 35! July 2015

Doug really does not like to go out to eat during the work week because that means he misses his workout. So I offered to deliver food to him so he could workout and then eat at his desk!


He agreed to my plan!


I picked up lunch and dessert from Top Hat. It was so freaking good.

Later that night we met my family out for Doug’s birthday dinner. Last year he made my family eat Indian food. This year he decided on Ethiopian food. I think hs is trying to make them not want to come for dinner. Sneaky bastard.

Dad was super impressed with his food. ha.


It was not very good if I am being honest.



but doug was happy and he is the birthday boy. So that is all that matters, right?


Then we headed home for him to open gifts. IMG_2484

He had peanut butter ice cream pie as requested!IMG_2488IMG_2492IMG_2494

His birthday was awesome. He got lots of games and things that could only make doug happy. Smile

Happy birthday baby! I love you!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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