Tuesday, November 10, 2015

IVF Begins Officially–May 2015

It was finally time to begin the active IVF cycle of shots and fun.

I was nervous. I was sure I could give myself the shots. I have seen my dad give millions of shots. It’s so easy!

I looked up how to reduce the sting, I looked up all kinds of info. We had our plan. We could do this!


Before we had to start, I got more nervous.2015-05-21-19-19-56_IMG_8308

I got the pen all ready. The needle is so small and the amount injected is so tiny.2015-05-21-19-20-02_IMG_8309

Ok. I can do this.2015-05-21-19-20-15_IMG_8310

NO, I really can….2015-05-21-19-20-46_IMG_8312

Let’s do this.2015-05-21-19-20-51_IMG_8313

Then I completely wussed out. Doug got it all on video.

I just could not do it…

I tried for 15 minutes to give myself that shot. I just could not stick myself. There is plenty more video like that one….

In the end Doug had to give me the shot. Here is it happening:

Getting my first shot.

It really was not that bad. The hype was the worst part. It did burn a bit, but I started icing it the next day and it helped a lot.

This was the first stick of many. So. Many Shots. IMG_2406

I was moving towards my egg retrieval and the world began to revolve around shots, appointments and meds. IMG_2427IMG_2434

We started measuring follicles every other day.



The process was moving along. I was producing lots of follicles. Things were looking good!

Until next update!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie


  1. The sudden wussing out we call "the yips." I got them badly when I was pregnant with Alice. I had to take heparin shots twice a day every day throughout the pregnancy. They were just the subcutaneous, so they *usually* didn't hurt, but one day, all of a sudden, I just could. not. do. it. anymore. I tried for 2 hours and finally, after many tears, realized I couldn't stick myself. After that, I never could again and brought syringes with me for all manner of friends and family to stick me wherever we could: parking lots, a pumpkin patch, etc. etc. ;) [By the way, hi. I've been reading your blog! I tried to make a comment the other day, and I'm not sure it ever posted...]
    -Kati Craig

  2. I feel you girl! I just got the Yips! At least you did a few on your own! :D
    I did not see another post from you. So sorry it messed up!!

    Hugs! L