Friday, September 30, 2011

Bridesmaids–Volume IV–Cynthia

Cynthia lives kind of close, but not close enough to see her all the time. I love it when she pops into town to visit or grab lunch. Cynthia married a fantastic man last year and I was so very honored to her in her wedding. We had some serious fun!

I decided to ask Cynthia to be my bridesmaid during Labor Day week. She actually offered to come with me and Ashley to visit the JW Marriott to meet with Mike. She came over and we visited for a while in my room. I showed her my wedding shoes and all the details I already have planned for the wedding. She was sitting on my bed when I gave her the book.

She got super excited when she got to the back page and agreed to be my bridesmaid!! Yay!!



Cynthia and I lived together for a year at LSU. At first, she and I did not get along so well, but as the year went on we became best of friends. She moved to California for work and we lost touch for a bit, but once she moved back, it was on! I love having her in my life. She is so serious and so funny at the same time. I just adore her. Here are pictures that were in her book:

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haydel_wed_ 604IMG_2866

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