Monday, September 5, 2011

Learnings from Budgeting in August

We made it! We survived! Doug and I budgeted and did not fight during the entire month of August. I am pretty pumped. I must admit I was cranky at times and a bit of a drama queen (anyone surprised? no….did not think so.), but we made it!

Things I learned:

  • Doug is amazing for putting up with me.
  • I felt a bit restricted by our August budget. I felt there was no room to spend money unless I had put it on the budget on August 1. We discussed this and have made adjustments on the September and now I feel MUCH less restricted.
  • Doug likes to input the receipts ASAP…I get to it when I can. This does not fly for DB. Now I give him my receipts and he puts them in. Works for me! I am losing the benefit of seeing how much is left, but I am sure he will tell me when the “food” budget is getting tight, right?
  • Doug gets really excited when we come in under budget for items. So much so that he colors the boxes bright green if it is wayyy under and light green if it is on par or a bit under. I love my nerd!
  • It is hard to see when people put new spent item on the sheet so we now highlight any new changes for the other to see. I put it in pink he does orange. Typical.
  • I still want to marry him. Very important.
  • Doug is very excited about making donations together. That way either of us can take it off on our taxes and he is all pumped about reading tax code to figure out who’s taxes it should be on.
  • I have strict rules about what can be written in some boxes and he does not. My strict rules are in place because I do not have a good memory and I know a number is in a box that means it has fulfilled all my requirements. Doug is sweet and is following my rules. Smile He says to just tell him the rules and he will do it.
  • Google Documents is awesome.

I am sure I learned much more and they say the more budgets you do, the easier it gets. By May, we will be experts.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Yeah, we really should have a budget, too, but we don't. We're slackers. Good for y'all, though!