Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bringing back the New Orleans Gentilly Woods–Reunion Style

This past weekend my entire family worked the Gentilly Woods Reunion. My father grew up in Gentilly and recently was inducted to the planning committee. They planned the reunion (with help from a fantastic event planner [Ashley!]) and it officially happened on Saturday.

We got there early and set up the St. Gabriel Cafeteria for the event. They already had 150 people registered to come and expected quite a few walk ins.

Literally, my entire family was there to work the event:

Doug and Alex were bartenders.


I worked the alcohol ticket sales.


Mom worked the door……..Ashley ran the entire event:

(Can you find Ashley in that photo? No? Me either..She was on the move so much we did not get a picture of her.)

Dad worked the room. Smile 


But really, he set up the whole event and brought tables, speakers, an amp, and all kinds of random awesome stuff. My dad is a rockstar (in more ways then one, but that is another blog post).

It was a lot of fun and hard work, and I always enjoy helping out my parents. It is nice to give back to people who have given you everything. My parents rock. Smile

Now, for those of you who have made it this far in this blog post, I have a teaser for you. Yes, the day was fun, BUT the highlight of the day was something big, gold and full of diamonds. What was it? Just wait and see tomorrow! You are going to be so jealous.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. DID I MISS THE Gentilly Woods Reunion? If not when is it going to be? Leon Perret Jr.