Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Maid of Honor–Ashley

I wanted to ask Ashley first as she is my sister and I was asking her to be the Maid of Honor.

Our picture book is by far the thickest as there are many pictures of us over the past 27 years. Here are some of the pictures from over the years:

image1-2119881989 lizzie age 8 ashley age 51994 May 3scan00111998 Oct 31999 March2000 October 22002 Dec (2)2003 Spring52004 December (2)Liz and Ashley - CroppedDSC03048DSC06059DSC068676A

Her picture book was delivered a few weeks before her birthday in July, but I wanted to wait for her birthday to give it to her. 

We celebrated her birthday all weekend, but on her actual birthday we went to visit Alex’s bar to celebrate with the whole family. We arrived with a few presents. I made sure she opened her book last. We all enjoyed the photos and she agreed to be my Maid of Honor.


Ashley is the best sister anyone could ask for. I could not be luckier. She is a great person, loving, caring and wonderful. I am so blessed to have her in my life.  Thank you for agreeing to be my maid of honor. I love you!

Hugs and Love, Lizzie


  1. haha, I like how I am sporting the birthday glasses. Yay for your wedding!

  2. Oh my....the hair in some of these pictures! I especially like the one on the second row of the two of you with your dad....wow.

  3. Ashley is pretty much the bomb diggity... and other crazy words i choose not to express at this moment.. :) I Love the Peyroux-vians! :)