Saturday, July 12, 2014

2nd Anniversary Celebration and New Goals 2014

As per tradition, Doug and I headed down to Immaculate Conception on May 4. We went to mass at 7:30 pm, got a blessing from the priest and took this photo.

From there we “second lined” down Canal Street and headed to the sofas in the JW Marriott where our wedding reception was held.

We sat down and discussed our goals for our previous year and high fived as we hit every goal we had set. Then we set our new goals for this year, our third year of marriage:


We brainstormed and came up with these goals. After much discussion, we both committed to tracking our food everyday for the next year. This is a BIG DEAL.

We gave ourselves a carrot and a stick for this goal. The carrot (our reward) is $1 per day we track correctly. The stick (punishment) will cost us $5 per day we do not track to the cause/charity we dislike the most. This is VERY motivating. (As I type this on June 25, I have not had to pay $5 yet.)

As part of this goal, I started back at Weight Watchers and I am tracking all my calories on the online app. A great side effect is weight loss (which was the whole reason we made it a goal in the first place.) (More on this in another blog.)

Our next goal: cooking 36 new recipes is well under way. We are tracking them and I think Doug wants to make a recipe book when we are done.

You can see the rest of the goal and they are pretty fun. The first two are the most hard core. We have already had two double dates and send one care package. (More details on them in other blogs.)

We are well on our way to hitting all of our goals. I am excited for us and am so glad Doug will do this with me. This list sits above my desk and I see it everyday.

Cheers to completing our 2nd year of marriage and to many more!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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