Sunday, July 13, 2014

May 5, 2014–2nd Anniversary **COTTON**

On May 5, Doug and I officially celebrated our anniversary with gifts, dinner, dessert and a long walk.

The gift part:

I went with the “cotton” theme and got him some t shirts!

This one was especially made for him…the front…

The back!!

and here is the BIG gift!2014-05-05-18-30-15_IMG_5003

It is his own Saint’s jersey with number 26 (for running marathons) and the back says “DOUG”. It will never go out of style and he will never be traded!

Doug got me this amazing cotton canvas:2014-06-05-20-27-17_IMG_2464

It is HUGE. It is 6 feet long and is made up of thousands of photos of our first two years of marriage. Each photo in the mosaic is 1 inch. You have to come over and see it up close. If I took a photo of you in the past two years, chances are you are in our collage!

Doug and I headed to McClure's BBQ for dinner.2014-05-05-19-12-35_IMG_50052014-05-05-19-13-28_IMG_5007

It was so delicious. Then we headed to get gelato!2014-05-05-19-45-15_IMG_50092014-05-05-19-45-31_IMG_5011

Finally, we went home and took some photos with Cinco!


Creepy Cinco Photo:2014-05-05-19-20-59_IMG_2375

Happy Anniversary Baby! I love you!2014-05-05-19-21-41_IMG_2376

Love and Hugs, Lizzie


  1. That canvas is phenomenal. Need to see it in person. Would love to be one of the double dates, too, as long as we can get Nola and Nopsi to watch the boys. :) Also, have never heard of McClure's....good?

  2. The canvas really is impressive! I have no idea where I will keep it.
    We would love to double date with you two! :) Let's set a date!
    Also, McClure's is awesome. I strongly recommend it. It is on Magazine Street. :)