Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Annual Crawfish Boil (April 26)

We planned our Crawfish boil date back in February as schedules get so booked. Doug was in charge of sending out the FB invites. This is one party I do zero planning for and I like it.

Shawn and Lauren graciously allowed us to have it at their house again. One day we will have a house big enough to host it!

I got there and everything was already chopped!2014-04-26-12-10-01_IMG_2129

The boys had been hard at work and had starting boiling around 10 am. The first batch would come out right at noon. 2014-04-26-12-11-00_IMG_21352014-04-26-12-11-04_IMG_2136 (2)2014-04-26-12-32-41_IMG_21382014-04-26-12-33-31_IMG_2141

Samantha loved watching her dad and Doug cook!2014-04-26-12-34-10_IMG_21432014-04-26-12-34-15_IMG_2144

She is getting so big!!


Finally the bugs were ready!


We ate and ate and then played!2014-04-26-14-09-51_IMG_21662014-04-26-14-09-59_IMG_21682014-04-26-14-11-28_IMG_2174

Then we ate some more!2014-04-26-14-11-48_IMG_21762014-04-26-14-20-12_IMG_21842014-04-26-14-20-15_IMG_21862014-04-26-14-21-54_IMG_21952014-04-26-14-37-22_IMG_22012014-04-26-14-46-16_IMG_22032014-04-26-14-47-08_IMG_22052014-04-26-14-48-31_IMG_22072014-04-26-15-28-21_IMG_2213

After the boil ended, Sam took her bath and was all clean!2014-04-26-18-56-33_IMG_22182014-04-26-18-56-39_IMG_2220

We had a great time. We missed some of our dear friends and family that were unable to come, but we ate enough for them too.  I hope everyone had a great time!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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