Friday, July 18, 2014

Lizzie’s Wedding Goals Update–Food Tracking

As I mentioned, Doug and I are tracking all of the food we eat (everything) everyday for one full year. It was one of our marriage goals. We both knew it would be a difficult goal, but the rewards and punishments we have put in place are working perfectly!

As of June 5, we were one full month into tracking and I had not missed one day. I earned my carrot ($1 per day) and did not pay once to my stick (the political party I vote against).

As I hoped would happen, I am losing weight and inches. I have joined Weight Watchers and have used their app to track all of my food. Tracking is not hard, but it is difficult. You just have to do it.

“Before Photo” taken in March and May:


June 5 and June12 Photo:


One thing I knew for a fact when we set these goals is this: when I track, I lose weight. BUT I HATE TRACKING, but I hate paying my “stick” more than even tracking. See, you just have to figure out what will motivated you the most. Use it to your full advantage.

Back to the update…I pulled some data from Fitbit and Weight Watchers to track my progress.

My BMI! I am almost in the “normal” range! That has always been a goal of mine! My BMI went down .9. That is a huge win in my book.


Here is my step count from May 5 to June 5. I have a big step goal for this year. 10k a day, everyday. If I do not hit it, the balance of the steps needed roll forward until I catch back up. I have a chart to keep me on track.


Finally, my weight loss. According to WW, I lost 4.6# over my first month of tracking. When I track, I lose weight.


When we first discussed this goal, I had a hard time committing to it, but now that we are in it a month (plus) I AM SO GLAD WE DID. I want to get to my goal weight after (half ass) trying for over 10 years. Why didn’t I just track!?! Because I did not have the RIGHT motivation.

I know I should not cry over spilled milk, but I do regret not taking charge earlier and making it happen. Alas, I cannot control the past. I can only change my today and tomorrow. We should all stop looking back and do what we can today. We also should not let the past hinder us. Just because we could not do it before, does not mean we cannot do it now.

I will try to give monthly updates of tracking and weight loss as we go. You will notice we did not make the marriage goal “to lose weight”. We instead focused the goal on ways to help us do so. Additionally, if we get pregnant, then losing weight is unhealthy for me. So we made the goal something we could do no matter what. Anyone can track their calories/points/food anytime. YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT.

Is it easy? NO. Can you do it? YES. What is stopping you? Yourself. (This pep talk is more for me than the audience, but you get the point.)

Until next months update!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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