Friday, July 11, 2014

Cinco de Mayo Party! 2nd Anniversary!

Doug and I hosted our annual Cinco de Mayo party this past May at White Sands/Bottom Line Beach Club.

The decorating crew got there early to help set up.2014-05-03-16-02-44_IMG_22472014-05-03-16-34-15_IMG_22482014-05-03-16-34-20_IMG_22492014-05-03-16-34-56_IMG_2256

The food arrived. Izzo’s of course!2014-05-03-16-35-40_IMG_2260




Then Samantha, Shawn and Lauren arrived…Sam did not like her feet in the sand!2014-05-03-16-57-14_IMG_22732014-05-03-16-57-22_IMG_22772014-05-03-16-57-24_IMG_2278

The party started and we had some great friends and family come to celebrate with us!2014-05-03-16-58-34_IMG_22802014-05-03-16-59-31_IMG_22822014-05-03-17-04-32_IMG_2287

Mom made her famous cake but made the layers wedding cake and cheese cake. It was so delicious! We also had our cake topper from the previous Cinco de Mayo party!


Rocky made an appearance!2014-05-03-17-18-06_IMG_2301





Were they talking about the bull run?!2014-05-03-19-34-59_IMG_23422014-05-03-19-50-06_IMG_2345

Prospector photo!2014-05-03-19-50-50_IMG_23502014-05-03-19-52-36_IMG_23522014-05-03-19-59-20_IMG_23532014-05-03-20-46-49_IMG_2357

We played in the sand with the kiddos and ate delicious Izzo’s . Doug and I had a blast.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us! We love you all.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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