Monday, July 14, 2014

Dad turns 60! (May 2014)

We headed to Hammond to celebrate Dad’s big 60! He said no parties or big affairs so we had a “regular” birthday party and family day!

We woke up in Hammond and I headed out to help organize Dad’s shed I am going to now call Timbukone. (We already have a Timbucktwo.) We took everything out of it and completely organized it. I wish I had taken photos of that!

Then we headed in for the party…


The pre-party…2014-05-10-13-26-41_IMG_23842014-05-10-13-32-57_IMG_2386The Party!2014-05-10-13-33-09_IMG_23892014-05-10-13-33-22_IMG_2391


Then we headed to “The Land” and got to see dad’s rain barrel system. Pretty snazzy!2014-05-10-16-08-50_IMG_24122014-05-10-16-09-04_IMG_24152014-05-10-16-09-31_IMG_2417

Then we headed to move a culvert! We hiked over to the ditch…2014-05-10-16-13-16_IMG_24182014-05-10-16-15-01_IMG_2419

and Dad got in the ditch to set it up…2014-05-10-16-15-05_IMG_24202014-05-10-16-15-27_IMG_2421

Andrew is ready and pumped!2014-05-10-16-15-55_IMG_24232014-05-10-16-16-14_IMG_24252014-05-10-16-16-33_IMG_24262014-05-10-16-17-14_IMG_2428

Everyone got into position and we moved the culvert!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Then they headed out to check out where their houses might go one day.2014-05-10-16-22-26_IMG_2432

Then we fulfilled Dad’s birthday wish…we picked up sticks that were too small for his tractor.


It was the perfect birthday gift for Dad! Happy 60th birthday dad! We love you so much!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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