Saturday, July 5, 2014

Easter in Hammond

After getting home from Italy, we headed to Hammond for Easter!

Since I was going to be working on Easter at Arnaud’s on Easter Sunday, we celebrated our family Easter on that Saturday.

We opened our Easter gifts…

The opening gift audience:

Mom decorated my Easter gifts with butterflies and rainbows. She knows what makes me happy!

Mom had made a trip blog scrap book for us! It is amazing! We love it. She printed our blogs and our photos! It is a great recap and we are still enjoying it today. Thank you Mom!!!

Don’t you like Poppi’s Easter Bunny?! He is so cute.

Doug and I had brought home a traditional Italian Easter cake from Italy called Colomba di Pasqua. We shared it with my family…2014-04-19-20-33-37_IMG_4979

Then we headed to the kitchen to dye Easter eggs!

Doug dyed his eggs and then headed for a nap. We were still working on getting un-jetlagged. Smile

We had a great time with the fam. There were some dirty words/drawings on some of the eggs – as usual. None I can share Smile

Thank you Mom and Dad for having us! Thank you again for our book!!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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