Thursday, July 10, 2014

Andrew’s Birthday Dinner at Dat Dog!

Ashley had planned may events for Andrew’s birthday and I pretty sure he enjoyed them all. One such event was dinner at Dat Dog! He knew some people were coming out for dinner, but I am not sure he knew who exactly!


We got there early and ate some delicious dogs. 2014-05-02-18-48-57_IMG_2223

Then more and more people showed up!2014-05-02-18-49-08_IMG_2225

There was much fun conversation and ridiculousness. 2014-05-02-18-49-21_IMG_2227

We are so boring….2014-05-02-18-57-14_IMG_22282014-05-02-19-00-02_IMG_22312014-05-02-19-00-12_IMG_22322014-05-02-19-00-45_IMG_22342014-05-02-19-00-56_IMG_22352014-05-02-19-24-26_IMG_22372014-05-02-19-24-49_IMG_2241

Happy Birthday Andrew! I hope you had a blast…we sure did!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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