Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blueberry Picking (June 12) at Blue Harvest Farms


Doug and I FINALLY did our June 2013 date! Sadly, we had planned to pick last year, but the late freeze ruined 75% of their crop so we did not make it in time last year.

This year, I watched Blue Harvest Farm’s facebook like a hawk. I marked every weekend as a possible picking weekend and we went out to the farm on opening day! IMG_2501

We got there, got our buckets and headed out to the trees.


Pretty sure I ate as many as I picked!IMG_2505

The rows were full of blueberries and people. We overheard lots of funny conversations. IMG_2506


Some of the trees were so full the branches were hanging low. I had to pick them up to pick the berries. What a problem! Smile


Once we were done we got into the line…IMG_2512

Which was quite long…


In fact, I took a video!

Blue Harvest Farms line on opening night…

There were three registers open, but it still took a while.


Finally we left with our bounty!IMG_2520IMG_2522

and headed home to lay the berries out on trays overnight. You have to let them cool and sweeten. IMG_2523

The hardest part was keeping my blueberry loving cats away from all the berries!IMG_2525IMG_2527

Finally, date complete!IMG_2529

Keep away Norm!IMG_2530

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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