Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Quads Volleyball Tournament–White Sands (June 14)

John talked Doug and I into playing a Quads Volleyball tournament at White Sands. Actually, our entire Tuesday night team played so we called it practice before the summer season started.

Before the tournaments started, we went to “christen” the 4 new courts!

He asked us to have the first serve on the new courts. So we lined up…


and served…


Here is the whole group doing it:10387009_642730792469594_4917382576312180234_o


Then the games began!IMG_2562

Doug reffing!IMG_2563

John, Jay and I relaxed until we had to play…IMG_2565

We actually made it to the semifinals, but lost. We should have won, but alas!


Thanks Eddie for this action shot!

The funny part is that John had stated that not many couples can play tournaments together because they fight too much. I was determined not to get into a fight with Doug and be pleasant all day. On the last point when we lost the semifinals, John made a comment that he thought I had the ball so he did not go for it. As the setter, I rarely get the 1st hit over the net. When I did not go for it, it hit the ground and we lost.

When John made some comment about him thinking I was going to get it, Doug made some offhanded comment that made it sound like it was my fault we lost and we got into a mini tiff. ha! John, you were right. Couples can’t help but fight! ha

Thirty minutes later we were fine. No real fight. It was just funny.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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